EH2005, 1930's Gas Station Kit, O scale

EH2005, 30's Gas Station Kit. 


The kit features precision-cut basswood dimensional lumber, laser-cut scribe siding, Evergreen Hill Designs’ own cast white metal detail parts including two gas pumps, plently of while metal detail parts to give the Gas Station that ”lived-in look”, injection molded plastic parts by Grandt Line and some signs. The Gas Station roof is simulated tar paper.


O Kit Size:           4.7” Wide x 5.0” Deep

The gas station in this kit is typical of a suburban or rural filling station in the 1930s and was modeled after a long since gone gas station in Central California. Modest by today’s standards, it was a vital part of life in the early days of automotive and truck transportation. In addition to gasoline and oil, a gas station like this often provided minor repairs, the odd part, and generally an owner/operator that knew most everyone around.  A perfect addition to your layout with lots of potrential activity.  Add your automobiles needing repair, your own tow truck and maybe a friendly dog that met every customer.  Perhaphs he could be sleeping under the workbench.


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EH2005, 1930's Gas Station Kit, O scale

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