EH207, Dollar Brothers Motor Express Kit - HO Scale
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EH207, Dollar Bros. Motor Express Kit, HO Scale 

* Precision scale lumber and laser-cut siding from Kappler Mill & Lumber Company. 

* Evergreen Hill Designs own Genuine Cedar Shingles and cast white metal parts. 

* Plastic detail parts by Grandt Line.

Today we take services like UPS and Fed-X for granted, but in the early days a business like Dollar Bros. Motor Express was rural America's lifeblood. It's a pretty basic operation-rail freight in and out one side and wagon and truck freight in and out of the other-yet the importance of an operation like this to a growing nation was huge. This HO scale craftsman kit consists of laser-cut walls and roofs, Grandt line windows and doors, plus stripwood and our own Pewter detail parts to add the extra level of detail that really makes a structure like this shine. There are over 40 detail parts in the kit but only a few are depicted here so you can get a better idea of the building itself. The freight area features interior detail, making it a great candidate for interior lighting (not included.)

Footprint: Approx.
6.5" wide and 4.5" deep.

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EH207, Dollar Brothers Motor Express Kit - HO Scale

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