EH5020 48ft Pile Trestle, Two-Bay Bent, On3/30 Scale

A Pile Trestle is an important and common part of any railroad and is used by virtually every line in the world.

The EH5020 Narrow Gauge Pile Trestle design is closely based on the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Co. Standard Pile Trestle Plans for Narrow Gauge Lines (Adopted Feb. 1907).  We are releasing this kit for existing layouts (with minimal available space for new projects) to beginners wanting to experience a wood craftsman kit.

Kit Overview: The kit features precision-cut basswood scale dimensional lumber by Kappler Mill & Lumber Company and detailed instructions on building and weathering.  Templates printed on 11” x 17” paper for the Dump (Abutments) and Bents (15’, 22’ and 24’) are included.  The kit also includes lots of Nut/Bolt/washer castings. 

The instructions are quite detailed (8 pages) and include many hints and suggestions for assembly based on our personal experiences during the design phase and then the actual assembly of the first few kits.

We have included extra Ties for those customers wanting a closer spacing for their Ties as well as a few extra Nut, Bolt, Washer castings. I am sure you have lost a few NBW’s in your lifetime when cutting them off the Sprues.

The Pile Trestle Kit is a scale 48’ long and includes Templates for 15’, 22’ and 24’ tall 2-Bay Bents. We also offer our EH5021 48’ Pile Trestle in a 1-Bay Bent version for Trestle heights of 7’ to 14’.   By providing you, the customer the option of building different height Bents we provide you with the opportunity to build the kit to conform to your layout as opposed to buying a kit and having to make your layout conform to the kit.

Kit Scale Dimensions:  The actual dimensions are 48 ft (12.0 in./30.48 cm) long x 10.0 ft (2.5 in./6.350 cm) wide.  The height will depend on which Bent you decide to use.  This two-bay Bent Trestle was designed to be used in applications using 15 ft to 24 ft tall Bents.  For a 15 ft Bent, the dimension from the ground to the top of the Ties is 15 ft (3.75 in./9.525 cm) and the 24 ft Bent measures 24 ft (6.0 in./15.240 cm).

The Trestle Ties are a scale 8” x 8” x 10’.

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EH5020 48ft Pile Trestle, Two-Bay Bent, On3/30 Scale

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