EH504, Gulley Trestle Kit, 80 Feet Long, HO Scale
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Kit Overview: The kit features precision-cut basswood scale dimensional lumber by Kappler Mill & Lumber Company and detailed instructions on building and weathering.  The kit also includes Nut/Bolt/washer castings along with the sand container that is generally found on the safety platform. 

Kit Scale Dimensions:  The Trestle is an approximate scale 80’ scale feet long, 21.5’ wide at the bottom of the bents, 28.275’ high and with 10’ long bridge ties (11.2” long, 2.97” wide and 3.9” high. Bridge Ties are 1.378” long).

A trestle is an important part of any railroad and is used by virtually every line in the world. This 6-Leg Bent Trestle will work in a wide variety of applications, either on a layout or as part of a diorama, whenever you need your trains to step gracefully over gully’s, hills or whatever depression you may want to cross. The trestle is not based on a specific prototype, but rather the basic 6-Leg Bent Trestle designs used on the AT&SF, Union Pacific, C&NW and Pennsy lines.


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EH504, Gulley Trestle Kit, 80 Feet Long, HO Scale

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