EH513, Branchline Water Tank Kit, HO scale

EH513, Branchline Water Tank Kit, HO Tank. 


The kit features The Craftsman Kit features:


  • Option to add a top to the water tank or to leave it open.
  • Pre-cut Scale dimensional lumber from Kappler Mill and Lumber Company.
  • Evergreen Hill Designs own detail parts.
  • Laser cut scribe siding for the freeze box.
  • Grandt Line NBW castings and door.


Kit Scale Dimensions:


The rectangular Branchline Water tank is an approximate scale 56.2' tall (at the highest point), 20' wide and 29' deep.


Water tanks were the most frequently seen utility structures during the steam era of railroading. Operating timetables were constrained by the size of a locomotive’s water system and the distance between service facilities. A water tank provides an excellent structure for a model railroad due to its visibility, the natural creation of an operating point on the layout and offers other scenic possibilities. The model which you are about to build represents a branchline water tank of the late 1800’s through early 1900’s vintage. It is suitable for installation on either a Standard or Narrow Gauge layout, along the right-of-way, at a small division servicing yard, as an adjunct to an out-of-the-way passenger or freight stop, or as an industrial water tank.


  • Item #: EH513

EH513, Branchline Water Tank Kit, HO scale

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