EH8014 Photoetch Brass Saws O Scale
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EH8014 - These O Sacle 2-Man Bucksaws or Crosscut saws are Brass Photoetch detail parts that will add great detail to your logging scene.  Each pack includes 1 brass sheet containing four different sizes of Bucksaws (2.7", 2.2", 1.7" and 1.15").



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In logging, there are two types of large 2-man hand saws.  There is a Bucking and a Felling saw.  The Felling saw is not as stiff, is lighter and the cutting side is curved inwards. The primary use of a Felling saw is to fell or to cut down the trees. The Bucking saw has less of a curve on the cutting side and is a stiffer and heaver blade.  The Bucking saws are used to cut up tress that are already been felled or down on the ground.  The additional weight of the Bucking saw aids in cutting the trees  a little quicker.  






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EH8014 Photoetch Brass Saws O Scale

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